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To get the maximum value for your collector's items, the best way to sell them is in auctions with tens of thousands of customers trying to outbid each other.

  • With about eight philatelic and two numismatic auctions per year, the next auction is never far away.
  • One of the largest philatelic and numismatic auction houses in Northern Europe.
  • We have a very large domestic and international customer base, consisting of the customers from Philea and our merged companies collected business during more than 100 years in the auction market (all together). We have held hundreds of auctions in total.
  • All auctions are public, and are also published on the Internet.
  • Our website is the most visited philatelic website in Northern Europe, and the number of international customers discovering us this way is constantly increasing.
  • We can allocate lots to suitable auctions; for example high value lots can be added to so called “quality auctions” while more ordinary lots can be offered at general sales.
  • The lots are presented in a professionally made catalogue that reaches up to 20.000 customers through the Internet or by ordinary mail.
  • The accumulated competence in our company is very high.
  • Settlement about 6 weeks after the auction.