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Bids can be submitted in the following ways:

The safest way to place your bids, is to bid through our website – this removes the risk of transcription errors and other human mistakes..

Floor auction (without real time live bidding on the website)

In this case the auctioneer will auction the lots either one by one or through the “American system” meaing that lots are called for 10 at a time and only the ones of interest to anybody in the room are auctioned in the room, the other ones are sold on commission to absentee bidders.

Bid for any lot or lots can be submitted from the time the auction is published on the website and up to a number of lot (“the window”) before the auctioneering in the room of the lots of interest begins.

The window can vary from auction to auction but it will be stated on the website. For instace if you are interested in lot 1250 and the “window” is 50 lots then you must place your bids before the auctioneer reaches lot 1200. For the first 50 lots in the sale you have to bid before the whole auction starts.

During the auction you can buy unsold lots (lots passed by the auctioneer) online at the reserve price + commission.

Bidding via the website is always made in logged in mode. After you have searched for the lots of interest, they are presented with (possibly) pictures, current starting price, short description and a button “Put in bidding basket” or a shopping cart button. Here all bids not finally submitted are presented, remember that you need to finally submit the bids through that button.

In the bidding basket you can change delivery address, enter a maximum purchasing sum for all bids in the basket (even though the bidding sum is more than you want to buy for) or submit alternative bids (you only want to buy one out of several similar or identical lots). It is possible to have more than one bidding basket with different maximum purchasing sums for different lot groups.

Instead of using bidding baskets you can just “Submit bid” then the bid on the lot will be entered immediately into the auction.

If your maximum bid is exceeded by another bidder before the actual auction starts, we will send you another e-mail to inform you of this.

You can bid any times you like; the system ensures that you will not bid against yourself.

Mail bids are handled in the most favourable way for the bidder, see our conditions of sale.

Bids are processed in the order that we receive them. Since the first submitted bid takes precedence when two bids are equal, it is important that you place your bids as early as possible.

Here on the website, the starting price for all lots is the second highest bid + a fixed increment. If there is no starting price noted, there are currently no bids on the lot.


The auctioneer calls the lots one by one and the highest absentee bids are compared with the room bids and telephone bids. Then the auctioneer initiates a countdown for the lot, shown in real time and any logged in bidder can bid, after which a new countdown starts. If a floor or telephone bid is made, that also triggers a new countdown from the auctioneer. When a countdown comes to zero, the lot is hammered at the achieved price and the auctioneer moves on to the next lot.

Bidding before the enire sale starts works as before.

Internet auction

This sale is performed entirely on the website without an auction room and without a printed catalogue. The entire sale is final for all lots at the same time and unsolds can be boght thereafter. This type of auction may appear from time to time.

Bidding before the enire sale starts works as before.