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  • AB Philea is Sweden’s largest philatelic/numismatic auction house, with offices in e.g. Stockholm and Göteborg.
  • We hold eight philatelic auctions per year, of which two are quality auctions and the other six are called international auctions. We also hold two numismatic auctions per year. The quality auctions and the numismatic auctions are held on Saturdays in May and November. The international auctions are usually held on Wednesdays.
    When necessary we can also arrange auctions for boxes and accumulations. All these auctions are public. See the auction calendar.
  • Additionally we can hold mail-bid sales on the website in conjunction with the regular auctions. Mail-bid sales are not published in the auction catalogues and are not public, but are only presented here at www.philea.se.
  • Consignments are always welcome. To be included in an auction, consignments should reach us no later than 2 months before the auction.
  • Our commission is 20 %. Lower commission can be discussed for very expensive lots.
  • The minimum reserve for monthly auctions is 300 SEK per single lot and 500 SEK for collections.
    The minimum reserve for quality actions is 500 SEK per single lot and 1.000 SEK for collections.
  • Consignments must have a total reserve of at least 2.000 SEK
  • All auctions are published at www.philea.se, the most visited philatelic/numismatic site in Northern Europe.
  • All International auctions, quality auctions, and numismatic auctions are also published on the international websites Stamp Auction Network, Philasearch, and NumisBids.
  • Settlement is made 5–6 weeks after the auction.