Lot 2483

Grenada. Mostly used. Excellent collection of classics only, over 80 mint and used, written-up on album pages, with a very good showing of shades and other varieties. Highlights include the #1 used (cat. £300), 1864 1d mint (SG 4, cat. £110), the 1860s 6d with several types inc. wmk sideways (SG 8, cat. £225), comprehensive range of the later Chalon heads including surcharges, 1881 overprinted values, misprinted letters noted inc. 1875 1/- (#13, var) 'SIHLLING' yet to be listed in SG ('SHLLIING' cats £700), followed by the green crown surcharges 1883 onwards, 1d on 8d mint pair, one with missing stop (SG 46c, cat. £250), 1883 set mint to 8d and used 1/- plus tete-beche pairs, through to 1895 set mint, postage due surcharges 1892 1d and 2d on 6d mint (SG D4, D6, cat. £330). A most attractive collection. The entire lot is presented at www.philea.se.