Lot 2479

Gold Coast. */¤. Excellent mint and used collection including Ghana of over 900 mint and used stamps on album pages, missing few stamps for completion, with highlights including Gold Coast #1 used (cat. £95), 1876/84 set mint (SG 4/8, cat. £870+), 1883 crown CA ½d and 1d both mint and used (SG 9/10, cat. £1,345), 1884/91 set mint (#11/19, cat. £180), interesting postmarks incl. superb Salt Pond on 1/-, 1889 1d surcharge mint and used (#20, cat. £205), 1889 high values with 5/- specimen o/p, 10/- mint and used, 20/- green and red fisc. used (unpriced in SG for postal usage), 20/- black on red mint and used (#22/25, cat. £360++), 1898/1902 set mint with vlh 10/- as well as used top four values (#26/34, cat. £680), etc. The King Edward VII equally comprehensive with values to 20/- (specimen), King George V to 20/- mint and used, 1921/24 incl. 15/- specimen and scarce £2 cds used perfin (#102, cat. £2,000 as used), 1928 set mint with 2/- unlisted extra shade and used (#103/112, cat. £270), King George VI 1938 first pictorials complete mint and commercially used inc. perf varieties, 1948 set mint and used, etc, through Queen Elizabeth II into Ghana to the 1970s inc. the souvenir sheets. A most attractive and comprehensive collection, a pleasure to view. Please see a selection of scans at www.philea.se.