Lot 2059

Britain. Vykort. A remarkable collection about the Rebellion and propaganda for both home rule and independence, well written-up on album pages, beginning with postcards including wonderful colour propaganda against home rule with personification of England holding Ulster by a rope from wrecking on the home rule rocks and 'Ulster's prayer: don't let go!', coloured and gilded card with personifications of the four nations 'united we stand - divided we fall', etc. Then original photo postcards from the 1916 Easter Rising showing destroyed buildings in Dublin, soldiers bivouacking and manning street barricades, through to 1917/18 military mail from Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare including contents describing a bombing with loss of a soldier's hand and an officer's life. A small important holding that really should be displayed in a museum! Every item here would make an individual auction lot. An opportunity not to be missed. (13)