Mail-bid sale 12 December:

There is no viewing of the lots in the Mail-bid sale. Those lots are only shown here on the website! We can however send scanned pictures by e-mail; send your requests to

General viewing hours at our other auctions

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Bids can be submitted in the following ways:

The safest way to place your bids however, is to use the bidding form on the website – this removes the risk of transcription errors and other human mistakes..
The deadline for safe handling of the bids is midnight before the auction.
We do not recommend that bids are sent by regular e-mail or as a reply to the receipt mail. Doing so introduces a risk of errors when we manually enter your bids into our database.

If you supply your e-mail address, we will send you a receipt mail with detailed information about your bids. Note: The receipt is not sent immediately, but sometime during the same day or the following working day (exception: after the deadline for safe handling, the last hours before the auction starts, we may not find the time to send out the receipt mails).
The receipt contains information on how your bid ranks, with a note of the lot's starting price at the auction if no further bids are placed. If your maximum bid is exceeded by another bidder before the actual auction starts, we will send you another e-mail to inform you of this.
If you have not received this receipt within 2 days, please check with us.

You can bid any times you like; the system ensures that you will not bid against yourself.
Mail bids are handled in the most favourable way for the bidder, see our conditions of sale.

Bids are processed in the order that we receive them. Since the first submitted bid takes precedence when two bids are equal, it is important that you place your bids as early as possible.

Here on the website, the starting price for all lots (the second highest bid + a fixed increment) is updated 1–3 times a day, before the auction. If there is no starting price noted, there are currently no bids on the lot.

Bids are entered into the bid form on the right of the screen, while in the lot description view. Click on the hammer symbol () to the left of the lot number to automatically copy the lot number to the bid form, where you can enter the amount you want to bid.

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General viewing hours at other auctions

Quality auctions in Stockholm (2 per year)

Philea's offices, Svartensgatan 6, Stockholm. Auction day Saturday.

Viewing usually at least Thursday–Friday 10:00–18:00, plus the day of the auction from 10:00.

International auctions in Stockholm (6 per year)

Philea's offices, Svartensgatan 6, Stockholm. Auction day Wednesday.

Viewing usually Monday–Tuesday 10:00–18:00, plus the day of the auction 10:00–15:15.

Auctions for collections and accumulations (Can be arranged in any of our offices)

Viewing usually on the day of the auction. For information on viewing hours, see the auction catalogue or inquire.

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