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1679A Nicaragua postfrisk/ostämplad/stämplad. Strong accumulation of 1000s of mint/never hinged and used stamps housed in two volumes, the vast majority pre-1940 with lots of errors, high values, revenues, locals, reprints/originals identified, etc. The first volume very substantial, starting with approx 250 of the classic mountains issues with unusual cancels, mint multiples, plenty of better values mint and used including the 2 c dark blue and 5 c black roulette and perf, through to later 19th century identified by watermark incl 1897 maps, excellent range of the challenging early 20th century surcharges with many inverted, double, double inverted, omitted characters, and no stops, etc, as well as extensive Air mails, officials, and other back of the book material incl horned cattle 19th century revenues, postal stationery cut-squares, and a range of provincial overprints, etc, etc. Discoveries sure to be made here, please inspect carefully. (Utrop ca €440 / $490) postfrisk/ostämplad/stämplad 5000 5000
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