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14792K Sweden Facit 174, 166, 182 cover, 25+85+145 öre on 15-fold registered cover sent from STOCKHOLM 6.3.31 to USA. Cancellation PASSED FREE OF U.S. CUSTOMSDUTIES..., and at back Swedish customs label (form Bl. 50 a) which have been cut in two parts when the cover was opened. Arrival pmk NEW YORK, N.Y. REG'Y. DIV. 18.3.1931 WASHINGTON 19.MAR.1931 and CHARLOTTENVILLE REGISTERED 30.MAR.1931. The cover is slightly folded in. Correct and unusually high registration postage. The denomination 145 öre is scarce on letter mail. (Reserve approx. €57 / $63) on cover 600

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