Lot Description Status Reserve
14208K Sweden Facit 210 or Scott 211 cover, 5 kr, single usage, on registered special delivery air mail cover, with currency control, sent from POSTMUSEUM STOCKHOLM 11.10.45 to Hans Lagerlöf in USA. Lagerlöf emigrated early to the United States and built a successful company for paper pulp imports. He collected huge amounts of stamps and became an international great collector of dignity. He made 23 donations to Postmuseum, of which the most important donation contained the two world famous Mauritius Post Office stamps. Arrival pmk´s e.g. NEW YORK, N.Y. REG'Y DIV 22.10.1945 and the company cancellation LAGERLÖF TRADING CO, INC. 22.OCT.1945 PM 3:05. Although traces of tape and small imperfections a very interesting item. F 36000 (Reserve approx. €280 / $310) on cover 3000

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