Lot Description Status Reserve
1420AV Albania mint/used. Wonderful collection on album pages, offered intact as received, with lots of scarce early issues, starting with 1913 double eagles including 5 pa ochre used on piece, 10 pa green used on piece, signed, 20 pa rose mint and used, 1 pi blue mint, 2 pi indigo used on piece, signed Richter, 10 pa green with red overprint used on piece, and 2 pa olive newspaper used on piece, etc. Then the 1913 handstamps including commercial covers with different frankings of the 2 gr registered rate Vlone to Munich, followed by a spectacular range of Skanderbegs including 1914 royal visit overprints complete used on piece, scarce '19th March 1914 - Shkodre' handstamps, again complete used on piece, all with signatures, the Korce big eagles 10 pa and 25 pa, and 1917 to 1919 virtually complete incl 1918 red 25 c surcharge, red and blue shooting stars complete, as well as scarce 15 q on 8 h rose with unlisted large eagle mint signed twice, etc. Other excellent back of the book includes highly elusive Austrian occupation overprints with over a dozen from 'F 10 grosh' on 10 q Skanderbeg through to Turkish revenue types incl errors, as well as 1928 Air mail set mint, all the postage dues incl errors, and the Italian occupation set mint, etc, etc. A magnificent collection with many issues difficult to find on the market today. (Reserve approx. €2325 / $2600) mint/used 25000

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