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11554KV Sweden Facit 29, 32, 35 cover, 2×4+12+3×30 öre on UNIQUE and SPECTACULAR registered cover sent to New South Wales. First, insufficiently prepaid with only 38 öre, corresponding to a registered letter within the UPU. Then,returned with the endorsement “Avis t. Afsänd.” (= Notice to sender) for the correct additional postage of 72 öre. The pre-UPU rate was 56 öre and the registration fee 54 öre, for a single letter to the British colonies in Australia 15.3.1883–31.12.1886. Sent outbound from STOCKHOLM 5.10.1884 to MILLERS POINT N.S.W. 29.DEC.1884, by P&O and BISN Queensland Royal Mail (QRM) steamers "Venetia", "Siam" and "Lusitania". The letter arrived in damaged condition and was endorsed “Received in this condition at C.P.O Sydney”, and sealed with parts of stamp sheet margins. Treated as undeliverable with cancellations ADVERTISED UNCLAIMED, LEFT NSW and RETOUR. Sent homebound by Orient Line ”Sorata". Inevitably some imperfections incl. a tear in the cover. EARLIEST RECORDED registered letter sent to Australia, and the ONLY RECORDED registered mail sent to any non-GPU/UPU destination outside Europe 1/7 1875 up to 1887, as well as the ONLY RECORDED Swedish pre-UPU mail sent by QRM. An exhibition item of highest international class.. (Reserve approx. €7050 / $7900) on cover 75000

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