Lot Description Status Reserve
505A ALL WORLD mint never hinged/mint/used accumulation Classics–1960s in large 16-page stockbook. Stock with much better material incl Triest zone B mint never hinged air mail set, used italian states, very good France incl war victims overprint set and 1926–27 set complete used, 1st set with Mi 132 used and 133-34 mint never hinged (EUR 620=mint for those two stamps), a very good section classic France used 1870–1900 incl good Bordeaux issue stamps, and good mainly unused material from 1930s onwards. Further British Colonies UPU 1949 and also Silver wedding incl high values (many sets but e.g. not Hong Kong) with climate affected gum, (there are gum issues with many stamps in the collection but high cat. value and also much value in used stamps) other Commonwealth omnibus isssues, etc. High value! Please see scans at www.philea.se. Mixed quality (Reserve approx. € 660 / $760) mint never hinged/mint/used 7000

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