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2037K Sweden F 140, 197. NORWAY Swedish TPO cancellation PKP 303 E 3.10.35 on registered cover with invalid Norweigan franking 25+2x30 øre, sent by route "Svolvær-Trondheim 2/x-35" to "Trondheim 3/x 35", by Meråkerbanen Trondheim-Meråker-Storlien-Östersund railway route, with notation "Uph. ur kupens xxx vid Storlien". Further transportation to STOCKHOLM 1 4.10.35 ANK 1 with notation "Inkom Sth 1 ank utr 4.10 etik o vidares". Swedish postage due label and notation "70" (öre). German boxed cancellation NACHGEBÜHR. Very interesting interrupted mail. Also one censored philatelic Norweigan cover with cancellations FELTPOST NR 91 and POSTKONTORET N.L. STOCKHOLM 7.6.45. (2). (Reserve approx. € 69 / $84) 700
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