Lot Description Status Reserve
143K Sweden Utlandsanknytning. Great Britain. Incoming prepaid letter dated "London 16 June 1850", sent via Belgium and Stralsund to Stockholm and then forwarded to Norrköping. Cancellations e.g. P. AUS ENGLAND PER AACHEN FRANCO, STRALSUND 25.6, and YSTAD 28.6.1850. Notation "1/5" = 17d, which never was a rate in force for prepaid letters to Sweden. The postal clerk made a mistake when he charged only 1/5 and not 1/10, but no postage due was debited to the addressee. The postage 1/10 applied 1.1.1848–31.7.1852, of which Sweden was credited the correct normal rate 8 Sgr, as noted in blue. Highly interesting item. Ex. Larsson. (Reserve approx. € 67 / $79) 700 700

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