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1150CC EUROPE mint never hinged collection 1930's-about 2010 in 12 Leuchturm binders with (10 with slipcases) and one other album. SOUVENIR SHEETS, comprehensive coll. with many hundreds of s/s incl better and also much face value on later years. Few FDCs etc included. With exception of Iceland (incl eg. first s/s both xx and used, second s/s xx, used and on cover), it is only non-Nordic European countries included. E. g France incl PEPIX and later euro values, better Bulgaria, Turkey Red Crescent, some Cyprus and Greece, Channel Islands, Germany incl some better, nice Monaco, Portugal incl s/s 10, Belgium incl modern Euro s/s, Russia incl somewhat better used USSR, good Albanian incl Hodscha s/s both xx and used, Vatican s/s 1, some better Hungary etc. Very high value! Excellent quality Approx. 25 kg. (Reserve approx. € 970 / $1100) mint never hinged 10000
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