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1124P The Faroes mint never hinged/used 1977-84. An intersting collection of very good Faroese varieties some very rare. High value. Seine trawler 160Øre vertical stripe of 5 with full margin edge above/right and below/right, pos. 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 with margin edge no. FR 020. Pos. 16 and 20 are perforated horizontally through the stamp.Traditional Faroese boat 100Øre on piece with 1.Day Post Mark and variety pos. 1 (part of issue): "2 broken lines above and under the Island Mykines". Coastal trawler 125Øre part of issue:: "Above missing of retouching of mast and lines" Mykines 130Øre on FDC with variety: "Missing red colour on the houses". Normal stamp enclosed. Mykines 130Øre xx with variety: "Red colour heavily shifted upwards ". Variety proof enclosed. Mykines 130Øre xx with upper/right margin and variety pos. 5: "Text and value heavily shifted up and down". Rare. Mykines 130Øre xx with variety: "The blue colour shifted downwards. Variety proof enclosed. Mykines 130Øre cancelled with variety: "Text shifted to the right ". Variety proof enclosed. Mykines 180Øre xx with variety: "Red colour of Bygdin and parrots beak shifted 9MM towards right ". Variety proof enclosed. Lundy 180 Øre xx with variety; "Text and value shifted to the right". Variety proof enclosed. National Library 140Øre xx Type I = "Spinning wheels after "O" in FØROYAR", with variety: "Brown colour shifted downwards ". Varity proof enclosed. Pews "St. Jacob". 300Øre. Vertical block of 10 xx with perforation error variety on upper/lower left tooth: "Wide tooth" on pos. 4, 8, 12 16 and 20. (Reserve approx. € 670 / $790) mint never hinged/used 7000
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