Lot Description Status Reserve
1051K Sweden Utlandsanknytning. Great Britain. Incoming partly prepaid letter sent from GREENOCK 13.FE.1838 (Scotland) via Hamburg and Denmark to Uddevalla. Cancellations e.g. LONDON 16.FEB.1838, C PAID 16.FE.1838, St.P.A. 21.FEB.38, and KS&NPC HAMBURG 23.FEB.38. Conveyed by General Steam Navigation Company from London to Hamburg. Singel packet postage 1/8 = 20d + inland postage 12½d, in total 32½d = 2/8½ as noted in red. Total Swedish postage due 80 sk = 1 Rdr 32 sk bco, as noted. (Reserve approx. € 95 / $120) 1000 1800

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