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1049K Sweden Utlandsanknytning. Great Britain. Incoming partly prepaid cover sent from London in May 1826, "via Hamburg" to Stockholm. Cancellations F26 282, and KS&NPC HAMBURG 6.MAY.26. Prepaid postage 3/4 to Cruxhaven, from there it was conveyed by the StadtPostAmt to Hamburg, for which 8 Hamburg Schilling was charged, as marked in red. The 8 Schilling was converted to 9 Pomeranian Schilling, to which the special Prussian postage of 8 Pomeranian Schilling was added for the transportation Hamburg–Ystad, applicable for letters arriving Stralsund from Hamburg by Swedish packet, in total 17 schilling as noted in red. The total postage due became 58 sk = 1 Rdr 10 sk bco as noted in black. (Reserve approx. € 110 / $140) 1200 To be auctioned 24 May
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