Lot Description Status Reserve
1047K Sweden Utlandsanknytning. Great Britain. Incoming partly paid letter dated "Edinburgh 17 August 1803" sent to Stockholm. Cancellations 20.AU.1803, PAID 23.AUG.1803, and FOREIGN OFFICE 120. The letter was conveyed by a UK sailing packet between Harwich and Gothenburg. This postal service operated without any financial contribution from Sweden between June 1803 and approx 15 February 1815. Notation "double" was charged accordingly, packet postage 32d + British domestic postage 22d = 54d = 4/6 as marked in red. The Swedish postage due 16 sk bco was charged as for mail sent between Hamburg and the Swedish destination. Interesting and unusually early mail from Scotland. (Reserve approx. € 190 / $230) 2000 2700

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