Lot Description Status Reserve
1020K Sweden Utlandsanknytning. Austria. Unpaid poste restante cover sent from ARBOGA 20.7.1855 to Bad Ischl. Cancellations HAMBURG KS&NPA HAMBURG 30.7.1855, HAMBURG TH&T 30.7.1855 and ISCHL 3.8. The Swedish postage to Hamburg was 5 Sgr, as noted in blue. The GAPU postage was 4 Sgr for unpaid letters. The total postage due became 9 Sgr = 18 Kr, as noted in black. Probably earliest recorded cover to Austria during the Skill bco period. EXCELLENT EXHIBITION item. Ex. Larsson. Pictured in XpoNAT VII. (Reserve approx. € 190 / $230) 2000 5800

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