Post-auction sales
Coin auction 13
Saturday November 11th, 2017

Myntkompaniet’s logotype The sale of unsold lots will continue until the next auction closes. The sold lots have their results displayed, the unsold ones may be ordered here at the reserve + commission. We recommend that you use the order form to the right on the screen.

Our next auction is the quality stamp auction on November 25th in Stockholm.

Lot 24
Reserve: 125,000 SEK
Result: 125,000 SEK

Lot 38
Reserve: 100,000 SEK
Result: 195,000 SEK

Lot 52
Reserve: 20,000 SEK
Result: 20,000 SEK

Lot 109
Reserve: 100,000 SEK
Result: Unsold

Lot 583
Reserve: 3,000 SEK
Result: 52,000 SEK

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