Coin auction 15
Saturday November 10th, 2018

(Auction is closed, unsold lots can be purchased)


Jubilee auction 363
Thursday November 22nd, 2018 at 16:00 (Swedish time)

(Running, bids should preferably be placed before November 22nd, 2018 at 14:00)

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1. Coin Auction 15 (Lot No 1-579) offers a good range of items including an exceptional ½ riksdaler 1632 with a well struck portrait. We have an interesting range of error and pattern coins from a collection assembled over long time. A nice section of banknotes concludes the Swedish part. The World coins shows nice Danish gold coins, a varied section Ancient coins, interesting Russian gold coins etc.

2. Jubilee auction (lot 1001-2222) contains many very good items. Mostly from Scandinavia, but also much from other countries as Germany, Italy, USA, Peru and New Zealand.

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Lot 19
Reserve: 50,000 SEK
Result: Unsold

Lot 40
Reserve: 20,000 SEK
Result: Unsold

Lot 52
Reserve: 10,000 SEK
Result: 10,000 SEK

Lot 88
Reserve: 40,000 SEK
Result: 43,000 SEK

Lot 283
Reserve: 15,000 SEK
Result: 30,000 SEK

Lot 538
Reserve: 12,000 SEK
Result: 27,000 SEK

Lot 1391
Reserve: 20,000 SEK

Lot 1624Reserve: 5,000 SEK

Lot 1666Reserve: 20,000 SEK

Lot 1706
Reserve: 25,000 SEK

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